Interesting Observation

I’ve spent way more time in the past two months working on ways to replicate and cloud-backup content than create it. I hope the trend reverses once work stops being quite so much of a crazy place.


Fail Snail

I didn’t complete NANO 15, but man did I almost die trying.  Good stuff came out of it – just wish things were not so nutty that I couldn’t complete the work.

There’s always next year.


NANO 2015

novemberNo shadow
No stars
No moon
No cars
It only believes
In a pile of dead leaves
And a moon
That’s the color of bone 
Writing has been hard.  I sometimes stare and count cursor blinks. The inspiration is there, in pan flashes and spotlight dances, then it is gone, and I’m hollow and can’t bring myself to get past fragments – shards of stories or splinters of people.

That is why I am going to try to do Nanowrimo.  A huge external force pressing down on my desire to flit away from the process.

It will probably kill me, but I’ll die writing.